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Become a Mentor


Why become a mentor?

Part of what makes the BPP model of education so unique is our focus on interest-based, Real World Learning. We want students to find and walk their own pathway to post-secondary success and that means providing them with the skills, tools, and network they need to do so.


Along with their core classes, students work with their Advisor (teacher) and a mentor to develop a self-designed project and present it as part of an end-of-term exhibition of learning. That's where you come in.


Mentors don't just help students prepare for the workforce, but help young people build positive relationships and grow their self-confidence. Our mentors are an important part of the BPP community--we appreciate our mentors just as much as our students appreciate you!



Still have questions?
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Beginning level students are introduced to a variety of different careers and career pathways by shadowing professionals at their work site, attending virtual and in-person industry-specific workshops, and, after mastering professional competencies, advancing to a two-day per week internship of their choosing. Learn more about our signature Real World Learning program.

You will be provided with an initial orientation to understand the scope of the mentorship and your responsibilities.
Each student-intern has an Advisor (a certified classroom teacher) who serves as an academic and social-emotional guide throughout the student’s school career. Advisors support mentors in understanding their student-intern’s learning style, in developing project work, and in student-intern accountability.
Advisors are also troubleshooters and can help brainstorm solutions to any problem that arises, including how to regularly challenge and engage an intern.
Students are insured through BPP with accident and liability insurance and we require mentors to take potential student-interns on a walk-through of the worksite.
All mentors are required to complete Child Abuse and State Background checks. We provide fee-waived clearance access.
Yes! We have one-day events where you can volunteer to conduct mock interviews with our student interns, host in-person or virtual workshops introducing students to your profession or discipline, conduct tours of your workplace site, and more. Please fill out the mentor interest form at the top of the page to find out more about these opportunities.