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Our Team

David Bromley, Executive Director

David Bromley is the Executive Director and founder of Big Picture Philadelphia. Prior to starting Big Picture Philadelphia, David was a co-founder of MetWest High School, the Big Picture school in Oakland, CA and more recently, served as a Big Picture coach to MetEast High School, located in Camden, New Jersey. Before coming to Big Picture, David co-founded the Association of National Scholastic Excellence and Reform (ANSER) in Santa Monica, CA, a not-for-profit corporation designed to foster a greater awareness of and commitment to public schools. David also worked as a social studies teacher at Jefferson High School in South Central, Los Angeles. He holds a Master's Degree in Education from Pepperdine University in Los Angeles.

JuDonn DeShields, Principal - El Centro de Estudiantes

JuDonn DeShields (B.A., M.A., Ph.D Candidate at Temple University) has been in education for nearly a decade. With strong roots in the classroom, JuDonn is excited to be the Principal and a servant leader at El Centro de Estudiantes, where he has worked since 2010.  He is committed to supporting communities that have been historically underserved, and his ability to marry data-driven strategies with holistic, humanist care puts him in a unique position to do so. JuDonn excels at coaching students and staff alike, challenging people to be their best while also providing strong support.  JuDonn loves travel, the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles, film photography, and silly Philly slang.  With the help of his local butcher shop, JuDonn is becoming a grillmaster. #TrustTheProcess

Chris Petersen, Director of Development

Chris Petersen (B.S., M.A. in Economic Development, Eastern University) has worked in community organizations with children, youth, and families for 30 years; for more than half that time, Chris has worked in fundraising in an independent school setting. Chris came to Big Picture in 2017 and is excited to be part of the Big Picture Philadelphia team that works alongside students as they follow their personal pathways, gain skills for the real world, and, most of all, discover who they are. Chris sees his task as opening opportunities for people who want to share resources with students who want the opportunity to fully realize their capabilities.  Chris enjoys being in the "Cathedral of Nature" with his family, running, biking throughout the city, and finding quiet wherever he is.

Matthew Prochnow, School Coach

Over the last decade, Matt has served numerous roles at Big Picture Philadelphia. As a founding advisor at el Centro de Estudiantes, Matt proudly graduated 24 students from his advisory (including Jose, at left). Now working chiefly as the School Coach at Vaux Big Picture High School, Matt is experienced in the school start-up process. He enjoys creating systems, finding and crunching numbers to put into color-coded spreadsheets, the tangled process of hiring staff for progressive schools, helping adults be their best selves with and for kids, and, most of all, spending time with young people. Matt loves distance running, reading, and cooking. Matt is a new father, and enjoys every minute of his time with his family.
Email Matt or find him on Twitter at @prochnowandthen.