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logosThe School District of Philadelphia provides for basic educational programming at Vaux Big Picture High School, a neighborhood high school in the Sharswood neighborhood of Philadelphia, and el Centro de Estudiantes, an accelerated school for Opportunity Youth in Frankford.


Big Picture Philadelphia (BPP) runs three core, value-added programs that the school district does not cover: Real World Learning/Learning Through Internships (helps students discover their interests through service-learning experiences and internships two days per week), Resiliency Support Services (focuses on mental and emotional health and family systems support), and Post-Secondary Support (assistance with college and career planning).



You can send cash donations by paper or electronic (bank) check, payable to "Big Picture Philadelphia" at this address:
Big Picture Philadelphia
Attn: Christopher M. Petersen
2300 West Master Street
Philadelphia, PA 19121
Contributions can also be received in the form of securities transfer, Required Minimum Distribution of an IRA for those 70 1/2 or older, Donor Advised Funds, corporate matching, and in-kind gifts. Please see Info on Annual Fund Tax Benefits for 2020 below for a full list of options, with tax benefits.
For further information or questions contact our Development Director, Christopher M. Petersen, by phone at (267) 257-6118 or by email at