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Vaux BPHS and el Centro are closed indefinitely.

El Centro de Estudiantes and Vaux Big Picture High School, like every school in the state of Pennsylvania, both physically shut down on Friday, March 13th. However, Big Picture Philadelphia continues to work to address our students' needs. The principals and staff are leading their communities through this crisis. They continue to exercise caution and express calm to their students, while creating opportunities for continued connection and learning.
In preparation for the potential of a longer closure BPP has made the following priorities:
  • Assurance that every student has a computer or tablet and internet access by the end of this week.
  • Students receive information about food distribution centers and mental and health care supports around the city.
  • Advisors (teachers) have connected with each of their students and, as early as next week, will begin to run online Advisories over digital platforms to maintain a sense of continuity in their students' daily lives.
  • Advisors are developing engaging, project-based learning opportunities to be distributed online, and are connecting each student to some of the best literacy and numeracy platforms, all with the goal of keeping the students engaged and challenged.
  • Special Education teams are working on developing strategies to support individualized learning needs of our students.
Dr. William Hite and his team at the School District of Philadelphia has led the preventive measures of closing all district schools and all related programming until, at least, March 27th. Dr. Hite is also working with Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney and others on his team to distribute breakfast and lunch, and open safe recreational activities to city school children. 
As a partner, supporter, or colleague of the work of Big Picture Philadelphia, we want to keep you informed of how students we all care about are progressing through this crisis. Please understand that we remain committed to supporting the academic, social, and emotional needs of our students.