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El Centro students featured on WPPM

Listen in tonight (7/3) on 106.5 WPPM!

If you live in Philadelphia or in Camden, you can listen to our first ever radio show on 106.5 FM. Tune in at 6pm on July 3. It's all about mental health and resilience. You'll hear two-ways with Kyleah and Derricia and the voices of some of their sources, including experts on dissociation and domestic violence. 

If you aren't in our region, you can still listen here


During the Winter '19 trimester, Betsy Weiss' advisory at el Centro did a ten-week project with Anne Hoffman and the Philly Audio Diaries.  Anne runs the Philly Audio Diaries program, which brings youth stories to broadcast media (primarily radio and podcast). Her objective is for the students themselves to tell their stories, rather than a journalist interpreting the story for the audience. You may recall el Centro grad Sofia Delgado's story on WHYY in 2018 -- that was Philly Audio Diaries as well. (Note: Sofia is now back in the fold at Philly Audio Diaries as an assistant producer!)
El Centro students Kyleah and Derricia came on as Anne's interns for the Spring 2019 trimester, where they assisted her with production and are now doing their own piece tonight!