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Big Picture schools have a selective recruitment process because we expect advisors and staff to make dramatic, measurable gains not just in student achievement, but in students lives. The challenges that today’s young adults face are enormous and very personal -- so while we educate all students, we focus on one student at time. And that’s why we seek candidates whose abilities, mindsets, and experiences match our Nine Hiring Principles, which include:
  • Abilities
    • Strong instructional leadership and/or team management skills
    • The ability to build deep relationships with students and colleagues
    • The ability to lead, influence, and motivate others
  • Mindsets
    • A belief that students should be at the center of their own learning
    • The expectation that all students will be prepared for post-secondary mobility, including living wage employment and/or continuing education
    • Strong personal and professional convictions 
  • Experiences
    • The pursuit of a variety of interests beyond education
    • A track record of resourcefulness and being solution-oriented
    • Demonstrated ambition and longevity in personal and professional pursuits 



As a nonprofit that runs programming at two high schools, el Centro de Estudiantes and Vaux Big Picture High School, we are currently hiring program staff who would report to Big Picture Philadelphia directly as well as school-specific positions in multiple core subjects.
Big Picture Philadelphia opportunities:
  • Real World Learning Coordinator
el Centro de Estudiantes opportunities (PDE Certifications required):
  • 2022-23 Advisors (Science and Math)
  • ELL Coordinator (part-time contractor)

Please click on the drop down arrow below to review our job descriptions, and email Human Resources if you want to join our team. We look forward to hearing from you!