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Schools & Families

Big Picture Philadelphia believes in enrolling whole families, not just students. Parents participate in their children’s educational process and our schools offer entry points and support for them to do so. Advisors pay a visit to each student in his or her home early in the school year, and carry out home visits throughout the student’s tenure at the school. These visits not only allow the advisor to have a better sense of their students’ background and home situation, but it further connects the student's family with what is happening at their child’s school. Parents/families participate in the development of Learning Plans and help to assess their student's progress, participate in four Learning Plan meetings during the year, and attend each of their student’s exhibitions. Along with the student, the advisor, and the mentor, parents/families are integral members of the learning team.  Additionally, schools hold regular family events to build community and celebrate our diversity.
Important Family Documents
Please click on the links below for the Vaux BPHS Student/Parent Compact and the Family Engagement Policy.