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Teacher as Advisor

Teacher As Advisor
An advisor (teacher) at a Big Picture school plays a complex and varied role role. In addition to navigating and guiding the learning process with 15-18 students for 2-4 years, an advisor is also responsible for aspects of administration, guidance, management, recruitment, and community outreach. As a result, advising is a very rewarding and intense experience.
For many students and families, their advisor is the central figure in their school experience.  An advisor deliberately builds strong relationships with their students, and between their students.  Advisories become great support systems in this way; some say it’s like an extended family. With an advisory system, every student has an adult in the school who knows them and who cares deeply about them.
An advisor plays many roles. Here are just a few:
  • Evaluates each student’s work in depth.
  • Helps students prepare for life after high school.
  • Helps each student to create and fulfill an individual Learning Plan. 
  • Works to create an intellectually stimulating, supportive and well-organized advisory.
  • Coaches each student to help him or her develop as a learner.
  • Gives input into the structure and policies of the school.
  • Works as a team member with other staff.
  • Communicates often with parents.
  • Manages students’ internships and is in frequent contact with each internship mentor.
  • Integrates skill-building and project-work.
  • Understands all five Learning Goals in enough depth to coach students through challenging projects.
  • Helps create a culture of respect and diversity throughout the school.
  • Believes all students can be successful.