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A Day at Our Schools

School days at Vaux Big Picture High School and el Centro de Estudiantes are unique from your average school day. In addition to rigorous academics, students participate in internships, develop real-world learning projects, attend classes at community college, participate in college fairs, prepare mock interviews, and showcase their hard work through individual presentations. Learn more about what a day in the life looks like at Big Picture Philadelphia's schools.
Through Real World Learning, students spend time discovering their interests through service-learning experiences that allow them to meet with and shadow local professionals. With a goal of preparing students for real world work, students create personal portfolios that includes a resume, cover letter, elevator pitch, references, and more and participate in mock interviews with regional professionals.
Internships allows students to gain hands-on workforce experience in a field of their interest. Following Real World Learnings, students in upper-level grades attend internships with local organizations and businesses two days per week. This work culminates in presentations where students can showcase the projects developed during the internship.
Preparing students for life after high school is at the root of our work. While for many high schools, college preparedness is an afterthought, the Big Picture model is based on the premise that college should be an attainable goal for all students, regardless of their prior academic record or financial background. Big Picture Philadelphia has a dedicated Post-Secondary program at each school that intentionally prepares students to succeed in college and beyond. Learn more about how we prepare our students for college and careers.
At Big Picture Philadelphia, teachers (or advisors, as we aptly call them) are more than just teachers. In addition to guiding students through academic learning throughout the duration of their time with us, advisors intentionally build strong relationships with their students, and forge bonds between students. For many students and families, their advisor is the central figure in their school experience. With an advisory system, every student has an adult in the school who knows them and who cares deeply about them.

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