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How We Work

Big Picture Philadelphia isn't your everyday school. We do things differently here, and we like it that way. We're proudly a member of the Big Picture Learning Network, along with 70 other schools across the nation. We believe that students should be at the center of their own education. We believe in the values of small classrooms, project-based learning, career connections, and post-secondary support. We want our students to learn real-world concepts and be able to apply them to life after high school. 
Our learning goals are a framework for looking at real-world concepts and what's necessary to be a successful, well-rounded person. All projects include the learning goals of empirical reasoning (proving your ideas), quantitative reasoning (measuring, comparing, or representing your ideas), communication (expressing your ideas), and personal qualities (demonstrating respect, responsibility, organization, leadership, and strive toward improvement).
Our comprehensive approach to learning includes student-centered learning. Classrooms have no more than 18 students, each with their own individualized education plan. Students maintain the same classroom and teacher throughout their time with us. Special education and remedial support services are individualized to meet each student's needs.
Internships allow students to apply learning into real-life work settings, increasing job skills while promoting personal and academic transformation. Students spend time discovering their passions and interests and learning key skills to flourish in a workplace. This program relies on volunteers throughout the Philadelphia region. Click the button below to learn how to become involved.
Extensive behavioral and emotional support services are available to all students to help them heal from trauma and build resiliency. We partner with local nonprofits and provide social education and emotional support. 
To prepare students for life beyond high school, post-secondary services empower and support students through college fairs and tours, FASFA completion, SAT tutoring, college applications, and a needs-based fund to help underwrite application costs. These services establish a future-oriented culture and propel students to succeed in post-secondary education.


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