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Vaux BPHS staff and students jump right in to the new year!

"On a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, Indego bike share crew members took the Vaux staff on a ride around the streets of Sharswood. Led by community members, the staff stopped at the Peace Park to hear some of its storied history, and continued past local businesses and libraries, schools, playgrounds, and gardens. Because Vaux BPHS students devote so much time and energy to their real world experiences, developing a deep understanding of local resources is crucial – it gave us a chance to begin to understand the community as its newest members. This was especially timely as we start visiting our students’ homes prior to the start of the school year. Our ride ended at King's Water Ice, where we were treated to some of the best water ice I’ve ever had! We’re excited for the opening of Vaux and proud to be renewing Vaux's role in the history of this neighborhood."
-- Gabe Kuriloff, VBPHS Principal 
"Problem solving, teamwork, social interaction, personalized learning, trust, character building, and math all wrapped up in a scavenger hunt? Vaux Big Picture High School asked its incoming ninth graders to participate in something unique during their three-day orientation – a community-based adventure that challenges students to explore their neighborhood with a different lens. After she worked together with her advisory to document their neighborhood's assets, student Malinda said, 'I learned how to communicate with my new peers and I also learned that teamwork makes the dream work!' Learning while enjoying is what makes Vaux BPHS unique!"
-- Jessica McAtamney, Vaux BPHS Assistant Principal