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Making real progress at Vaux BPHS!

Over the past several months, Big Picture Philadelphia has continued to work hard to ensure that our Vaux students and their families will have the best possible education starting in the fall.  Here are some highlights:
Community Support: The Sharswood community is fully behind this project. Since February, Vaux Leadership has made over two dozen school-based and community-based public presentations, and VBPHS has received endorsements from the City Council President, the PA State Representative for the Sharswood area, the Director of the Brewerytown-Sharswood CDC, several ward leaders, several church leaders, and the leadership of the Vaux Alumni Association.

Staffing: Eleven of our twelve founding staff are hired. They are an exceptional group of school leaders, educators, and social workers, representing a diversity of work and life experience. Staff induction in May and June.

Student Enrollment: Despite a very late student enrollment start (due to the complex contractual details of this project), we have enrolled 117 of our 126 incoming 9th grade students, mostly from within the Sharswood catchment area. This is exciting news as VBPHS will be living up to its goal of being a new neighborhood high school.

Vaux Building: The Philadelphia Housing Authority has completed all requirements for HUD, the state, and the city, and has come to terms with a contractor who began work on the building in mid-May! We have been working closely with the architects and PHA to define our needs for September, and while work will continue on the building for the next year, we are all confident of providing the students and staff with a nice, fresh space for this fall.